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Cogito et scio invicem translates, 'I think and I know interchangeably.' 


 This Web site is dedicated to the principles and ethics of truth which guide and guard the birth of knowledge in the objective science realm through thought as applied in the scientific method, so as to bring about greater learning and greater knowledge.  As the scientist alternates between thinking and knowing, the greater awareness of the growing knowledge fosters deeper thinking.  Through ideals held fast by honor unto truth  in the scientific endeavor the growing body of scientific knowledge remains ever open and dynamic unto truth.  Even in the broader scientific arena wherein politics of man may be inherently involved in this growth of scientific knowledge, truth is common to both the thinking, empirically guided mind and the mind thus enlightened unto knowledge.  In this way does science continue to enlighten and thereby guide the individual as well as all of mankind.  

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The purpose of this Web site is to allow the dissemination of scientific facts and ideas.  The place of metaphysics as the source of all science, subjective and objective, should be understood as vital to the purpose herein.  It is with a great sense of enthusiasm and dedicated interest that the work at is undertaken, and on the behalf of sharing knowledge is it so accomplished.



With the direction of civilization towards technology come the added tasks of preservation and planning.  Since much of the growth of technology was spawned by economic interests, political man has been in current times responsible for the managerial aspects of good governing.  There has been a concomitant increase in the lifespan of the human being, as well as leisure time for the average person, since technological civilization has used the principal of mechanical advantage diffusely throughout the various sectors of activity, thereby allowing the proliferation of the sciences, and especially the advances of modern medicine; with this use of machines has arrived a  more efficient mode of survival, and this has allowed the freeing up of time for leisurely and secondary pursuits, pursuits secondary to sheer survival and provisionary tasks.  However, as the population grows worldwide, and finite resources are required to drive, to simply fuel the techno-structure in its nascent stages, planning has not been traditionally foremost in the minds of those in authoritative power to date.  As we conquer disease and extend the average expected lifespan, and claim the natural and ecologically balanced land and waterways for our own thriving purposes, we are substituting a structured existence for what was once a self-generating one: nature.  This logically calls for planning, yet our scientific acumen is more particulate unto specified task work than it is unto the design of the world, the unified place once ruled by Mother Nature unquestionably.  This sets up a contradiction in the goal-mindedness of scientific man.  Science had originally enlightened us.  Science helped to "free" the overall culture from the land when husbandry was replaced by automobiles and when farming was compartmentalized in a newly industrialized economic venture; we educated more widely than ever, once knowledge was viewed as the sanctified quest of all for the egalitarian-minded in the Age of Enlightenment.  The printing press had originally helped to democratize the pursuit of knowledge.  The objective science breakthroughs of such luminaries as Galileo and Newton spawned a change in the sense of world relationship the individual might hold through theological precept, so that dogma has been slowly replaced by doctrine, and it is now the accepted method in everyday thinking to create a life and a worldview based upon active doership that utilizes scientific know-how and technologically reasoned problem solving.

However, even though science has provided a new lifestyle, a quick-paced life filled with cultural amenities of great dimension, such as visual arts, digital music, sophisticated sports and plenty of them, world travel of unprecedented distance and prevalence among the people, and global economic developments of new proportion--not to mention the dawning of the Internet frontier in our social and economic sectors--even though science has basically provided us this new day, we are also threatened by the power of destruction now also unleashed by science in this, the Nuclear Day.  Not only do we suffer overpopulation, a terrible thing to say or to hear, yet which threatens our provision on unto destiny's hold; we also suffer the growing pains of how to harness our terrible military capabilities with the experience of the mass destruction of the atomic bomb historically also under our belts from World War II.  What had been an enlightenment through scientific discovery and know-how has now challenged us as a species right back to the original question of sheer survival, though now not survival as a per diem question based upon basic biological needs, needs for food and shelter and protection from disease; rather, we as an agglomerate of peoples and nations must contend with the weapons of war, the nuclear threats which impinge upon our strict consciences as leaders and as citizens.  Now even chemical and biological arsenals figure prominently on the world stage, so that the classical, fabled idea of Pandora's box seems more real than ever, more real perhaps than the reality, the raw truth we pursue as a scientific culture.

Thus, the fate of science has slowly evolved into the fate also of mankind, where once science was hailed as the birth of free thinking, and the supremacy of self-actuation was through its aegis clearly established.  Yet, no simple answer to this fundamental quandary which grows by the year presents.  We can only continue to doggedly pursue truth and to believe that the methodology of science potentially outweighs its knowledge in destruction, even the self-destruction of the nuclear doctrine--the MAD Doctrine, or Mutual Assured Destruction.  According to this military doctrine, since satellite espionage has rendered warring man incapable of a surprise attack with nuclear power, any nuclear attack of one nation upon another constitutes an attack upon itself through unrelenting counterattacking answer almost instantaneously.  Therefore, instead of war as a tool of settlement for mankind's problems, war has itself become a doomsayer prospectively, when compared to former eras before World War II.  Once the horizon of hope and a great consoler through truth, science has now been rendered an agent of threat, also.  Political man and scientific man must therefore learn to work in close and synergistic alliance on the behalf of the betterment and the preservation of the world of living things. 

This Web site, Science for the Knowing, should work to reflect certain leading topics of scientific interest to all.  Alongside this feature at some instruction on basic scientific points of interest, abstract observations on measures to be considered, and a possible review of important building-block level knowledge,  might be provided for those whose interests are at once awakened, and also heightened into the motivation to learn and integrate important ideas, concepts and abstract truths for the settling process of those interests.  That settling process in the individual, cognitive being is only a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic venue pertinent to all of man's current scientific endeavors.  It is with humble devotion to my love for science that this Web site is created in the hopes that an interactive vein of exposition might be thus activated, not only in the wider scope for aware and concerned citizens and fellow scientists, but also in the more local sense of teaching and active discourse across the communicative channel of the Internet.  Please make active any questions or comments or further information to myself as a contribution to a higher effort, a noble cause in the educational upliftment of all through science.

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Marilynn Stark July 25, 2005

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