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Home- This page will familiarize you with the overall spirit of Science for the Knowing, and perhaps render you some inspiration to broaden the venue of your understanding of the deep significance of science in today's living world and as that might apply unto its destiny. This preface tells you what to look for at this Web site.
Introduction- Anyone who thinks along knowledgeable scientific lines will have curiosity and questions regarding the history and basic philosophy of science.  A briefly-formed perspective from such a basis will contribute to the enrichment of the pursuit of more elaborate and factual  scientific questions  in general.  For those whose interests in science are more cursory, it is helpful to understand more of the background, as well.  The page entitled. Science for Beginners: The Why of Science is the most recent addition to this Web site, and it is hoped that those whose minds are forming a more serious perspective about science will read here.
What Is Science- In the strict question of the nature of science, a certain hierarchy is formed if one examines rather the question, 'What is?'  From this fundamental metaphysical query all else can be derived, and this will include the sciences of the objective, relative world we so ponder.
Topics- Various topics from various branches of science, including biology, physics, chemistry, and the interdisciplinary subsets of these, will be unfolded.  Since mathematics is the language of science, mathematical topics must be included. 

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